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The public are welcomed to all meetings of the Parish Council which start at 7.30pm and are held in The Athenaeum, Leasgill .

Early in the agenda there is a public participation item during which members of the public are invited to speak at the discretion of the Chairman. Following this item the public are welcome to stay and listen or may leave as they choose.

Notices of meetings are posted on The Athenaeum notice board and on this website at least three days before each meeting

Scheduled Council Meetings 2023:

Annual Parish Meeting 2023

Every year each parish is required to hold an assembly for local electors.  Members of the public attend and may raise any matters relevant to the parish, local electors may vote on any issues.  The Parish Council and other local organisations give annual reports.  The Chair of the Parish Council hosts and arranges this meeting but it is not a Council meeting.
It will be held this year on 27th April 2023

Meeting Dates 2023

  9th February - Ordinary Meeting
  9th March - Ordinary Meeting
 13th April - Ordinary Meeting
 11th May - Annual Meeting 
   8th June - Ordinary Meeting 
 10th August - Ordinary Meeting
 21st September - Ordinary Meeting 
 12th October - Ordinary Meeting
   9th November - Ordinary Meeting
 14th December - Ordinary Meeting

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